Safety device for two-wheeler


2 months

My role

Visual Identity, Website


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch, Wordpress, Social medias

Client had developed his prototype and needed a visual identity and a website.

Who is WeRescue?

WeRescue offers motorcyclists new solutions to optimize accident reporting without interfering with the riding experience, nor the rider’s privacy.

What do they offer?

They developed ACE, for Accident Crash Emergency, which is an advanced technologic device for motorcycles that optimizes the emergency rescue process in the immediate aftermath of an accident, regardless of the condition of the victims.

The audience

The client had defined his main target: 35 – 60 years old, men and women, as well as family and friends. After doing further researches together and doing a competitive analysis, we defined a core user: motorcyclists who like going on long weekend rides, who like freedom but also care about their safety.

Strengths and limitations

Ace does not record any data, it is not connected to cellphone, and it doesn’t monitor the speed. Lightweight, subtle design, adaptable to any 2-wheel motorcycle.

A few limitations where identified such as: using cellular network may prevent the user to use the device in remote areas. Motorcyclists with vintage bikes may not want to add a device onto their handlebar.
Some concerns were raised about calling accidentally the rescue team when motorcycle would fall down unintentionally.

Banner 33”W x 80”H