Parking app

The problem

A few parking apps are popping up on the market. Most of those apps offer different features such as monthly or weekly reservations and their target market is pretty broad. Users who want to book a parking spot for a short amount of time and on the spot can quickly feel overwhelmed.

The solution

UPark offers a solution as simple as Uber or Lyft. Users can either book a private parking spot ahead of time or on the spot in a few steps.

My role

UX and UI design.

I did part of the user research with a team of 4 students during a bootcamp workshop at General Assembly in 2016.


Pen and Paper, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop, InVision, Keynote and Framer.

Research and Analysis

Competitor analysis

I created with my team of 4 a competitor analysis list comparing 3 competitors: ParkMe, ParkWhiz and Spot Hero.

We analyzed each competitor’s profile and main features.

Based on this analysis, I defined  Upark’s main features.

Surveys and interviews

I created a survey to collect quantitative data in order to validate (or invalidate) customers needs and core features of UPark

User personas

We created one user persona as a team on which I added two more to illustrate the core target audience.

Information architecture

Card sorting and site map

I ran a test with users to sort a list of pages and categories together. This helped me generate the information architecture for the app.

Features prioritization


Users would like to have the ability to book a spot while they are driving. VOICE NAVIGATION would need to be added to the prototype.

Prototypes & Wireframes

Paper prototypes

We drew prototypes as a team and I then refined them using paper. The prototypes helped me organize Upark’s main features and solve various problems.


I created wireframes to validate and redefine UPark’s core features. Wireframes were then imported into InVision.

Visual design & user testing

UI kit

User testing

Click testing

The test was done using VerifyApp.


User was asked to click on where he would add more search options.


All users clicked on the “filters” button. Only one person clicked on “List”.


This test confirmed the importance of having a filter option on the main page.

Filters are also available in settings.

Final UI designs