Hello! My name is Florence Lafite, I’m an interaction designer with a strong multidisciplinary and international background. I thrive in new environments and with new challenges.

I was born and raised in Biarritz, in the South West of France. After majoring in chemistry and physics, and spending most of my time snowboarding, I decided I wanted to design beautiful products so I went to study arts and visual communications. Diploma in hand I was convinced I would settle and work for a creative agency. Instead, I found myself exploring the world for a few years and working at places I would have never imagined. While on the road, I became obsessed with the idea of designing clothing and combining my graphic design skills with making beautiful garments. So, I settled down in San Francisco to study fashion design, which required convincing the US immigration officer that Paris was somehow not the place for a fashion designer to be.

After five years spent in San Francisco, studying, building a clothing collection (laflodesign.com) and working for Louis Vuitton North America as a Communications Advisor, I went back to school in Los Angeles to study Interaction Design. My diverse experiences help me ideate solutions with a broad perspective on problems. Understanding issues from many perspectives enhances empathy, which leads to well thought out decisions. I am passionate about understanding how the mind works, empowering people and helping them be the best version of themselves, using many different tools such as Human Design as an example.

I have a special love for solving issues in physical space, especially urban design.

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